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January 1, 2017
New version of this web site released. Based on the latest search engine and user experience requirements we build new version of this company web site. We hope you like it ;-).

June 1, 2015
The Slovak version of the English Tests Online was released. This non-comcial service can serve our eastern neighbors and native speakers teaching English in the Czech republic or in Slovakia

May 31, 2015
The Traveler's phrasebook app Smartphrase and/or iSmartPhrase for mobile devices reached 1 milion users. This smart language travel guide is available on 22 languages. It is free to try.

May 10, 2015
We celebrate 5.000.000 users of a language learning method Imitum.

January 20, 2015
New app releases for Arabic users of operating system Windows® 8 - Everyday English, Business English as well as English Irregular Verbs are avaialble in Arabic language now. More info on

November 25, 2014
A new version of web page for English without cramming online based on the Imitum method was released. The user experience is now even better.

1. 5. 2014
Updates of iSmartLanguage applications were approved by Apple and are available on the App Store. They have a new fresh design inspired by and compatible with iOS7.

23. 4. 2014
We participated in a purely Czech competition Mobile Application of 2014:

1. 4. 2014
We have reached total 4 million downloads of our apps.

28. 1. 2014
We attended an international contest The European APPCUP, where competitors present innovative applications developed especially for the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platform.

1. 1. 2014
We have reached total 3.5 million downloads of our apps by the New Year.

29. 11. 2013
Other thematic English course was born! Expand your spicy vocabulary with the new app Seduce in English - flirt, dating and sex.

15. 10. 2013
3 years = 3 million users! Thank you - we really appreciate such confidence. We are here for a little over three years, and our apps have already attracted more than three million users online or via their mobile devices.

12. 7. 2013
The first set of SmartPhrase applications has already been published in the Windows Store. Practical topics in 23 languages are very useful for travelling. From this product line are available for download these applications: Traveler’s phrasebook (for English speaking users), Konverzace na cesty (for Czechs), Χρήσιμες ταξιδιωτικές φράσεις (for Greeks), Rejseparlør (for Danes), Seyahat konuşma kılavuzu (for Turks), Conversação para viagens (for Portuguese speaking), Conversazione da Viaggio (for Italians), Matkasanakirja (for Finns), Conversatiegids (for Dutch speaking), Conversation de voyage (for French speaking), Diccionario de viaje (for Spanish speaking), Resekonversation (for Swedes), Priručnik za konverzaciju (for Croatians) and Разговорник для путешествий (for Russian speaking users).

9. 7. 2013
Windows Phone is an operating system with the lowest number of users (beside iOS, Android and Windows 8). Nevertheless more than 150,000 people have downloaded our applications there.

26. 6. 2013
Traveler's phrasebook for 23 languages, well-loved by iOS users, has now been released for devices with the Android operating system. You can use the application for practicing pronunciation of particular phrases or just let it speak for you.

2. 4. 2013
More than 100,000 users downloaded our applications for the Windows Phone operating system. These applications work not only on Windows Phone 7, but they are compatible with the Windows Phone 8 too.

4. 2. 2013
After releasing versions for the Android T, Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 operating systems, we have now released our premium line of English also for iOS from Apple. The English PREMIUM is an ultimate set of lessons for Everyday and Business English with something extra. In addition to a version for Czech native speakers it is also available in French (Anglais PREMIUM), in Turkish (PREMIUM Ingilizce), in Spanish (Inglés PREMIUM), in Portuguese (Ingles PREMIUM), in Italian (Inglese PREMIUM), in German (Englisch PREMIUM) and in Korean (PREMIUM ??).

10. 1. 2013
We released several applications in various languages for Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 in December 2012. This helped to reach 2 million of users! Thank you for your support. We are continuing in our product development and Windows Phone 8 users will have our language applications available soon.

19. 11. 2012
Thanks to a jailbreak iOS users can get paid stuff from App Store? for free. We are "really proud" to announce that our apps are subject of piracy as well. Greatest interest of jailbreakers has the iSmartPhrase product line, where we noticed almost 12 thousands of "hack" purchases. The most successful nation in steeling of our Traveler's Phrasebook are Arabs (6.681 hacks), Israelis (1.506) and Russian-speaking users (1.477). Neither the iSmartLanguage product line has been saved from thieves. We uncovered about 5 thousands false purchases. On the top spot are Russian speaking users with 1.065 false purchases, next are Chinese (671) and Turks (577 false purchases).

2. 11. 2012
Windows 8 released! Our apps for English language learning are available since the Windows Store was opened. So far are available 12 applications in five languages on Windows Store. “W8” users are welcome to download e.g.  Spanish version of application Inglés cotidiano or for Russian-speaking Английский за пивом.

23. 10. 2012
The latest update of the iSmartLanguage product line brings optimization for iOS 6, iPhone 5, and improved application update and iCloud usage. With the iCloud service you have a possibility to share purchased lessons and all application settings on more devices using the same iCloud account. These new features were released for users of following applications: Klasická angličtina, Alltägliches Englisch, Inglés cotidiano, Obchodní angličtina, Business Englisch, Inglés de Negocios, Anglická nepravidelná slovesa and Englische unregelmäßige Verben.

8. 10. 2012
SmartLanguage product line found quickly its fans. We have recently extended it with a French version for Windows Phone 7 and first three applications for Android (all in Czech). The number of users is quickly approaching 8,000!

20. 9. 2012
Number of SmartLanguage users exceeded first significant point. More than 1,000 people downloaded some of our applications. We have English courses available to be downloaded in Czech, Slovak, Russian, German and Spanish at the moment.

7. 9. 2012
Update of iSmartPhrase product line was successfully completed. All applications have already been published on the App Store. To speed up or slow down the audio playback is available also to users of these applications: 旅行常用会话指南, 旅行会話, Resekonversation, Reiseordbok, عبارات تستخدم في السفر, Seyahat konuşma kılavuzu, שיחון לתייר, Conversação para viagens, Rejseparlør, Matkasanakirja and Conversatiegids.

20. 8. 2012
Update of other applications from the iSmartPhrase product line was approved and published on the App Store. Users can enjoy a new feature to speed up or slow down audio playback in these applications: Пътнически разговорник, Conversation de voyage, Rozmówki turystyczne, Conversazione da Viaggio, Útiszótár, Diccionario de viaje, Χρήσιμες ταξιδιωτικές φράσεις, Priručnik za konverzaciju or Разговорник для путешествий.

7. 8. 2012
We are proud to announce a first update of the iSmartPhrase product line. Based on a higher number of requests from our customers we have improved the audio playback to include a possibility to speed up or slow down. It has been published for Konverzace na cesty, Traveler's phrasebook and Reisesprachführer. Other language versions are waiting for the approval to be published on the App Store.

20. 7. 2012
On the App Store? is available a new application for English language learning from the iSmartLanguage family - course of Irregular verbs for Spanish and Brazilian-Portuguese speaking. So it is another language version besides Czech, Russian, and German.

5. 7. 2012
The Pub English for Apple devices is ready for sale and available on the App Store. Versions for Windows Phone and Android are comming soon.

22. 6. 2012
And now piece of news for Windows Phone fans. We published SmartLanguage application for Everyday English and Business English today.

24. 5. 2012
iSmartLanguage applications reached 1 million downloads! We appreciate your support and hope our other apps will be your favorites too.

21. 5. 2012
Our newest course "Pub English" is almost done! Just few more days for final corrections and it will be ready to be published. You can look forward to the most vulgar English available on Czech market! WARNING! You must be over 18 or even better over 21! The Pub English contains adult expressions!

16. 5. 2012
995.339 users of iOS downloaded iSmartLanguage applications up to now. We are looking forward to the one millionth user!

2. 5. 2012
The iSmartPhrase product series has been completed! It contains collections of traveler's phrasebook in 23 languages such as Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

28. 4. 2012
We are proud to announce the iSmartPhrase for Arabic-speaking! The Arabic version of our traveler's phrasebook contains all 22 languages like the others.

25. 4. 2012
The first version of SmartLanguage for Windows Mobile has been uploaded to the Marketplace. It's available for smartphones based on Microsoft's operating system Windows 7.5. This version is available only for internal testing at the moment.

21. 4. 2012
The Apple approved other two iSmartPhrase applications: Russian and Italian versions are available on the Appstore for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In total it's about 17 language versions. Please visit for more information.

20. 4. 2012
We are going live with a few other language versions of iSmarPhrase project. From now on you can enjoy Traveler's phrasebook in Dutch, Greek, Hebrew, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, and Swedish. For each of these language versions is included collection of phrasebooks in 22 languages.

19. 4. 2012
Celebrate with us! We have reached 1.000.000 downloads of our applications on Apple's iOS, including iPhones and iPads.

14. 4. 2012
As a proud sponsor of RUFA Sport Team it's our pleasure to announce successful start of this rally team in season 2012 - 1st place in Rally Presov. Our congratulation & lots of success in the next racing!

9. 3. 2012
We have received approval from the Apple to publish Korean version of Everyday English and Business English applications.

29. 2. 2012
Brazilian-Portuguese speaking can enjoy our Everyday and Business English applications. Both of them available on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Please visit for more information.

23. 2. 2012
The first beta version of English instruction for Windows Phone is here! Soon you'll find it in the Marketplace.

20. 2. 2012
We have finished a studio recording for a new project - Pub English. It's all about topics you could hear in a British pub. All English dialogues are performed by British native speakers.

15. 2. 2012
We have successfully completed the registration process for the Imitum trademark. Based on that, we have published rules how to use the Imitum trademark.

10. 2. 2012
More than 800,000 iOS users have downloaded our applications from iTunes for their iPhone, iPad or iPod.

27. 1. 2012
25,989 people downloaded the Traveler's phrasebook application iSmartPhrase during its first month.

21. 12. 2011
We launched the first iSmartPhrase applications - in Czech, English, Bulgarian, French, Portuguese and German.

20. 12. 2011
We launched the new website for our new product, "Traveler's phrasebook".

16. 12. 2011
We expanded iSmartLanguage with Turkish versions of Everyday English and Business English, and now offer customers 11 language versions (Czech, Slovak, Russian, German, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and now also Turkish).

1. 12. 2011
We established closer cooperation with the portal

28. 11. 2011

More than 540,000 users have already downloaded our iSmartLanguage application, which is available in 9 language versions.

25. 11. 2011
We launched two websites for English online in Slovakia. For English without Memorisation we have, and for Business English we have launched

15. 9. 2011
We're granting your wish! Based on customer requests, we've created English PREMIUM. This special version contains Everyday and Business English together at a discounted price, and with an extended access period of 7 years.

1. 8. 2011
In Czech, we have launched three new websites for English online. These are for managerial and administrative English, for everyday English and for students. This is already the 4th generation of this effective instructional system. 

7. 7. 2011
We are launching iSmartLanguage for Japan!

13. 6. 2011
Starting today, customers in Italy and China can learn English with the help of iSmartLanguage.

13. 5. 2011
We have completed an informational website for the Imitum method. At, we present our instructional method in several languages.

22. 2. 2011
The iSmartLanguage application has charged onto the Slovak and Spanish markets. We now offer 5 language versions in total!

14. 1. 2011
We have launched the German version of iSmartLanguage, and we can now boast a total of 20,000 application downloads!

20. 12. 2010
For the first time, the iSmartLanguage application is expanding abroad and is accessible for Russian-speaking customers.

4. 10. 2010
We're starting! Today we launched the first version of the iSmartLanguage product - in Czech.